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Porn Addiction / PIED coverage on BBC 5 live yesterday
« on: November 18, 2016, 03:32:02 AM »

Some more media coverage. 17/11/2016. 1000 onwards.

Has anyone else tried this? After a few days of sex my libido seems to plummet for a while. By that, I mean I still can get aroused but my erection fades away as intercourse approaches/during sex... Which is bloody awful as you all know.

I feel that each orgasm I have is depleting my sexual energy a bit which is taking time to recharge... It's very frustrating.

Firstly, has anyone had similar issues? And has normality been restored?

Secondly, I'm tempted to avoid orgasm completely and basically edge during sex. This will be hard, I know. But at least I know I'll be as horny as hell should the opportunity "arise".

Had an opportunity earlier to have possibly the best, most romantic sex of my life but I just didn't have the sexual desire to go through with it. It was so frustrating and upsetting for us both. It made me think, "damn, if only I didn't have 4 orgasms last week through sex I'd probably have managed it fine".

Instead I have an upset girlfriend and a frustrated depressed self esteem.

Need help guys, anything to help reduce this refractory period (if that's what it is) or some tips on if I'm doing something wrong? I'm free from P, and having some amazing sex, but is it too much too soon?

Will I still see improvements?

Thank you.


I quit porn for the 2nd (and last) time on January 28th 2016.

Been viewing since early teens constantly. No real relationship due to body image problems, only failed sexual negative encounters.

I got a girlfriend a month later and explained it all.

I never craved porn when I quit, went through a flat line and couldn't O for weeks. I eventually O from partners hand job 2 months in.

After 4/5 months I knew I no longer was hooked on porn, or needed it as I did as few "practice" M's to test for strength (no O).

I'm 6 months gone and I've had a lot of sex with my partner, some really good, some not so.

I think I'm battling PA... But not really sure as I'm comfortable with my partner and we've been together a while.

Sex is best when I'm feeling love and affection, but the strength of my erection is still on my mind which distracts me from the moment (and lessens it's hardness).

I went through a good run of being in different positions around the 3 month mark, but now I'm a bit dependent on my GF going on top once I'm hard enough through mutual M (I don't want this, I'd like to be hard just at the thought of sex with her and light touching). I managed to go on top the other day which was nice, but then the next day I completely lost my arousal/boner.

It's so inconsistent and frustrating.

I don't know whether PIED is still controlling me, or whether I'm cured but have too much anxiety about performing now!

What I have noticed is that when sex is anyway planned... I can forget it. Also, if my GF suggests dressing in sexy lingerie then I struggle too... I'm best when the sex is flowing and loving and affectionate.

My questions are, to anyone who's rebooted over a long period with a partner are:

1. Did you have confusion over the PIED and PA crossover and how did you overcome it?

2. Did sexy talk/sexy 'porn-esque' clothing set you back? I don't want to ask my girlfriend to be less dirty.

3. Were you able to get hard without mutual M and how long did that take?

4. Am I confused over what sex is still? Should I eventually be able to be turned on when my GF objectifies herself...? I am, but it lasts only for a short time... Then I lose it. Am I losing it because I'm seeing her as porn? Or because I'm anxious?

Thanks for your help all.

More details on me here:

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