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Yeah, I was thinking about letting time heal it too. I fear it might be another phase of flat-line. Are multiple phases where a loss in libido is experienced common ?

I'm in 150 + days of abstinence from PMO and I'm experiencing a sudden loss in libido. How common is this ?

I'm 155 days into my hard-mode reboot but I always thought intentional porn viewing was not a reason to reset my counter and only orgasm though porn was. That being said , I'm not gonna let a 10 second viewing of a softcore clip belittle my hard work  :P.

Anyways, My problem here is, after I watched it, I literally felt my brain go foggy. I spent 5 months restoring the image of the woman in my brain to the point where I appreciated the average girl walking across the street. My libido was really high. I felt attracted towards most girls and I didn't discriminate between them. But after i watched the clip, all that attraction just vanished and it's been a couple of hours now and the fogginess still persists. I'm getting seriously worried. How long have I set myself back. Am I in deep trouble here ?

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