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My current reboot is going great. No interest in porn at all. Im not doing a hardboot, i masturbate maybe 1-2 times a week, most weeks just one time. I have been seeing a girl a couple of weeks and have been using Viagra when im with her. Has worked without Viagra too.

I have morning wood, almost every morning. I feel confident. Im not sure why there seems to be negativity about Viagra. You cant get hooked on it, like if youre using it you have to keep using it.

I really feel like this time, porn is out of my life forever. Im having amazing sex with an amazing girl. Feeling confident. Me not doing a hardboot may make my recovery longer, but who cares when i can have sex with Viagra whenever i want.

Anyways it has worked out great for me and im feeling good.

I think it was very easy staying away from porn when in reboot mode. Used viagra do get out of the flatline. After that i was able to have sex with my girlfriend for awile without viagra. We live apart so i slipped back to porn when i felt aroused all the time.
Anyone with tips on how to handle staying away porn after getting out of a flatline after having sex. 

PS using viagra for me was very effective! Didnt use it alot, just the first few times and then stopped.

Hey guys!
I started my reboot 141 days ago. It hasnt really been a hardboot. In the 141 days ive masturbated around 7-10 times. Ive had a few sexual experiences in this time. Im seeing a girl for the moment, but the sex hasnt worked. Im hard when we do other stuff then penetration. When it comes to penetrating sex i go soft in like 2-5 minutes. Had sex without go soft one time with her for like 10 minutes.

In the period around 70-90 days i had som slipups with tinder sexting. Im off tinder and the only sexual stimula i have is when im with my girl. Its pretty hard even tough we talk, i have anxiety when we are gonna try sex and she feels like im transfering a little bit of that to her. Im in love with her and i just want some encouragement.

I get hard but have like many others here trouble maintaining the erection for sucessful sex. What can you do about the anxiety about sex? How long can a reboot take?

Im 23 and had been watching porn between the age of 15-23. Stopped in november. Got into some more heavy stuff, porn wise. I feel good that porn isnt a part of my life anymore but i have a lot of anxiety. I so despretly want to have sex with my girl, and dont want her to feel unwanted.

Any tips, encouragement, thoughts?

Thanks guys, hope you all the best :) 

Hey guys,

Been off this site for a few weeks. Im on day 83 without porn. Porn subs have been a Little on and off. Sexting. Not hardbooting. So in 83 days i have orgasmed to sensation maybe three times. Hade sex two times and orgasmed. Last time i was able to have sucessful sex when drunk so thats a postive.

My motivation is gone! I dont really feel like binging to porn when masturbating or having sex or some like that. Dont have so much morning wood anymore. And i have developed huge PA. Like i feel like my heart is gonna jump out of my chest when im gonna have sex with a girl.

Gonna give up the sexting cause you know obviously! Havent turned back to porn in 83 days so im gonna get up and get myself motivated again!

Is 83 days long?

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Developed huge PA!
« on: February 01, 2017, 04:43:25 AM »
I m on day 72 of my reboot. I was on a date last night and im just wondering how the hell im gonna know if my PIED is gone... I have PA now because of PIED. Very nervous and really want to avoid having sex. I guess im gonna have to find a girl who i can tell the truth and that will make it all easier.

Someone have any tips on how to handle performance anxiety?

Since i decided that i didnt want porn in my life anymore ive tried to have sex a few times. One time it worked and the other it didnt. I had sex before the reboot too and i dont remember it this hard to get an erection before. Had PIED before too, but since i started the reboot it seems even harder to get an erection.. Im on day 56 so not that far along.

Can this have someting to do with PA? I dont know!

Im on day 51 of my reboot and i had sex once and masturbated once to sensation only. Both times i cum in under 2 minutes and it kind of hurt a little bit. I was extremly sensitive! Is this because of not ejaculating in so long?

So i was really thinking about porn, maybe if there was something new going on. Wanted to search for porn bad. I kind of got excited but also not. Hard to explain. I didnt obviously search for any porn. It wasnt just excitement of searching it was also a feeling of "no i dont need that, its not that exciting" Kind of like my brain trying to trick me into googling porn.

I dont know if this make any sense at all but it feels good!

Hey guys! Im on day 45 wihout porn? I did like 30 days with no porn. Been slipping up for like two weeks. Sexting with a girl and i have come to my sences and deleted her and deleted tinder. Im not gonna call it a relapse! I feel like im been making progress. It sure is supplement. I also read a few erotic novels one night. Masturbated today to sensation alone. In this 45 day period i have cum twice. Once during sex and today. Im gonna pick myself up and keep going. Feel bad for wasting two weeks sexting with a girl, it has just made a big chaser effect. I didnt give in a watch porn or binged so im happy about that.

Its really hard doing this. I just want to meet women and its not always easy staying on track!

Would love som feedback!

Hey guys!

Im 34 days in to my reboot! Thats 34 days not watching porn. Ive had an orgasm during sex (not good sex) and i have a problem with edging in the mornings, not every morning but a few times.

I had semen leakage before this, but not as much as i have right now. Now its a few times a day, in the mornings when i get hard and during bowel movements. Does this all go away? Anyone with experience? Its annoying when it happens a lot, before i stopped mastrubating everyday it wasnt that much.

Ages 20-29 / Edging problems!
« on: December 23, 2016, 07:28:59 PM »
Hello guys!

I havent watched porn in 32 days now. I have a problem in the morning with edging. Dont do it every morning, but a few times the last month. Does this hurt alot? Have i still made progress?

So im 24 days without porn. Dating a girl for a while. Tried to have sex two times before, but it didnt work. This morning i got hard from kissing in bed, we had sex. It wasnt very successful when i came inside her after 1 minute. It obviously isnt a hardboot anymoore but still 24 days without porn and im proud. This girl likes me so im gonna tell her soon about what im going thru.

Does anyone think this is a setback? I meen other than the reboot may take a little longer with the orgasm.

Ages 20-29 / 23 year old. 20 days in!
« on: December 11, 2016, 01:34:45 PM »
Hey guys! Thought i would keep a journal here too. Have a personal diary also. Im 23 and realised i had PIED in september. Went three weeks without porn, then relapsing every other day. Pulled myself together and havent orgasmed for 25 days and havent been watching porn now for 20 days. Havent really seen any progress yet. I think postive thoughts all the time and feel energized.

Not mastrubating is always hard in the mornings. Have mastrubated to fantasies about real girls in my life like five times, no orgasm. I do notice a lot more semen leakage since ive started this. Hope this goes away soon.

I have been dating women too. Been sleeping with this girl for the last few nights. We tried to have sex two times, ive told her i wasnt able at the moment to have sex. She have been great about it. Im gonna tell her what im going thru if she wants to keep dating me. Hope she will be cool with it. If shes not, then shes not right for me anyway. I havent thought uch about porn for the last three weeks. Feel really postive about the future!

I know doing stuff with a girl isnt a hardboot, but its rewiring. Its really nice just cuddling and kissing!

Im not noticing so much progress yet. No porn for 18 days, no orgasm either. Mastrubated a few short times in morning, when really tired and horny. Last few days ive been able to control my self really good. Ofc i know 18 days is not long enough!

Met a really nice girl a couple of weeks ago, been texting with her and last night we met. At my place talking and watching a movie. Cuddling thru the movie, then after the movie we start to kiss. Thru all this i got like semihard a few times. We took our clothes off and went to the bed, at this time no reaction from my guy. We kiss in bed and i tell her that im not able to have sex at the moment. I really like this girl! She says to be you dont have to tell me. So i didnt and we kept on kissing and cuddling. She stayed the night. Im gonna tell her if she likes me too then there shouldnt be a problem to wait with having sex. Ive actually texted alot with her so ive kind of felt really safe with her. So telling her is going to be tough but what a huge relief since ive havent told anyone in my personal life about this.

Today i felt really sad because i really wanted to have sex with her and it felt so nice just being in bed with her. At the same time ive felt really happy since the time i decided to give up porn for good. Dont really think about porn at all. I just really need someone telling me like day 18 is not that long and that my penis is gonna work. Sometimes i get the doubts about my penis ever working again. That doesnt really get me to think about porn and giving up, but its a depressing thought,

Thanks guys!

I wake up almost every morning horny. 50 percent hard. Havent orgasmed in three weeks. Havent looked at porn in 14 days. Im horny in the morning, not so much during the day. What is the flatline? Does flatline meen that you dont think about sex or women? Ive read a little on YBOP but i dont really understand the flatline... I called it quits with the porn exactly two weeks ago and im supermotivated. Felt a little sad earlier and didnt desire to watch porn. Havent seen much results but im excited for the future! 

Hey guys!

Feel good about my progress. One thing i would like some advice on is in the morning. I dont watch porn, dont think about porn at all for the last few weeks. The thing that gets me is the mornings, wake up horny as hell and have a few times been touching my self thinking about real women ive met, the fantasies are sexual. Usually like five minutes until i get control and stop. How harmfull are fantasies, the fantasies doesnt involve some porn scene ive liked in the past ore something like that. Just fantasies about having sex with a certain woman ive interacted with.



Im pretty sure i have PIED. It fits! But i also want to go to the doctor and test for everthing else. What should you say haha?

Thanks guys!

I dont really use tinder for looking at girls, imagining girls. I guess i get a little dopamin rush when someone answers a message. But i feel like i would get that with a girl in person if we connected well. What im trying to say is i dont feel sexual when im using tinder. I dont know! What do you think?

Hey guys! Im working every day to quit porn. When i realised i had a problem ive went four weeks without porn. The last month ive been slipping up every four days or so, just watching a clip. I dont think my PIED is a severe as many others here. My biggest problem is keeping an erection. I kissed my last date and got hard from doing that.

Tommorow i have a third date with a girl i like. I can get hard sometimes and sometimes not. Me being nervous about isnt going to help either. Have any of you any tips on how to handle a situation where im not able to get it up. What should i say?

Thanks guys!

Working everyday to not watch porn. My first four weeks was easy. Kind of lost the need for watching porn, didnt feel aroused at all. Then i relapsed and been having trouble since then to not watch porn. Been benching a little bit and i go a few days without porn and then i watch a clip and it goes a few more days without porn.

I want to get som feedback on what you think of my severity of PIED. With no fanatasy or porn, just looking at the wall touching myself i get to like 80-90 percent hard within 1-2 minutes. Is my problem severe do you think?

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