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success story and questions
« on: March 24, 2017, 09:21:11 AM »
I want to share my success story and my present state.
I started rebooting since last July.
Since then, I exercise everyday and I comletely broke porn. In my case, Breaking porn was not difficult.
After 100days, I met a comprehensive  girl.
We had sex successfully.  It seemed like I got back to teenager again.
We could meet only weekend. So We had sex every weekend for 3months.
Once we meet, we had sex 6~8times during weekend
And  there was no chasereffect.
So I thought I was completely healed.
But something strange happed.
After we broke up, I masturbate once a week  for 1 month without porn and then I met new girlfriend.
I tried to have sex with new girlfriend but ED happened again.  And I got terrible flatline
Emotion ups and downs. My penis shrank again.
After two week, My emotion got better so I tried to have sex again. I succeeded to have sex. But I got terrible flatline again.
What happen to me?
I haven't seen porn. So, I want to ask you guys. Please tell me your experience.
Is it  getting better ?
Is there anyone who experience same situation?
Does It happened because I had Much orgasm with ex-girlfriend?
Do I have to do reboot again for 90days?

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Re: success story and questions
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2017, 04:28:01 PM »
Some people take longer to recover


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Re: success story and questions
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2017, 11:34:55 AM »
Did you go back to porn fetish fantasy when you were masturbating once a week between relationships? If so, I think the porn influence could be the issue for you. Train your sexuality for what you want to engage in later in your life. If you want to respond to real people, train your arousal to real people...or at least your imagination of real people...not "remembering (fetish) porn" that seldom matches real life.

Be consistent, because it gets tougher to retrain your brain as you age.

BTW, these kinds of problems are very common in today's porn users. You may find this article interesting:

How old are you, by the way?

Finally, some people are just more sensitive to the fallout from too much ejaculation. This can be affected by stress and other factors. You may find this page interesting too: If you think this might be your issue, experiment with another approach to sex with your partner for a while: