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Welcome to Reboot Nation!

We help people reboot their brains with encouragement and education. Reboot is a complete rest from artificial sexual stimulation (i.e. pornography).

We are a community of people who have discovered the negative effects of pornography. If you or loved ones struggle with porn addiction and/or porn-induced sexual dysfunctions, this place is for you!

On this site you will find many resources and information to equip you with the tools necessary to start recovering today and become more aware of the potential harm caused by high-speed internet porn.

Join our community to receive support, help others and learn more! Go to forums.

Reboot Nation YouTube Channel

This website is connected to our YouTube Channel, where informational and motivational videos will be posted to help people recover from porn addiction and porn-induced sexual dysfunctions. Below you will find Gabe Deem's reboot advice video (23 year old's reboot story of severe porn-induced ED), as well as his story and a basic understanding of how porn leads to addiction and sexual dysfunctions. We strongly suggest you watch these videos first before proceeding to the rest of the site.

Check out Reboot Nation on YouTube!

3D New Zealand - Porn on the Brain - Full Interview

3D New Zealand - Porn on the Brain - Full Interview

Full interview with Gabe Deem for 3D New Zealand's Porn On The Brain. Gabe shares his story, how neuroscience helped him recover from addiction, and discusses misconceptions in the mainstream media that led him to speak out and raise awareness on porn's potential negative effects.

Chelsea Handler - Netflix episode covering Porn Addiction (Preview)

Chelsea Handler's new Netflix show discusses Porn-induced ED

"Gabe Deem and Noah Church of Reboot Nation talk to Chelsea and Senator Todd Weiler of Utah about the science of porn addiction and the need to educate young people about what porn does to your brain."

MTV2's Show Uncommon Sense Featuring Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction! (4/8/2016)

MTV2's Show Uncommon Sense Featuring Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction! (4/8/2016)

Charlemagne and the crew discuss the weeks hottest topics, one being Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction. Check out the segment discussing porn at 7:35, and ending at 14:10.

TIME Magazine - Porn and the Threat to Virility

TIME Magazine - Porn and the Threat to Virility

The first generation of men who grew up with unlimited online porn sound the alarm

Noah Church is a 26-year-old part-time wildland firefighter in Portland, Ore. When he was 9, he found naked pictures on the Internet. He learned how to download explicit videos. When he was 15, streaming videos arrived, and he watched those. Often. Several times a day, doing that which people often do while watching that genre by themselves.

After a while, he says, those videos...

Click here to access the full article from TIME magazine available to subscribers.

The Labor of Love: Porn and the Threat to Virility

The Labor of Love: Porn and the Threat to Virility

"A lot of people enlist porn when they masturbate, but what effect does porn consumption have on a person when he or she is with someone else in the bedroom? Turns out, porn can put a real damper on things. Lori talks with two people who know, one from experience. Belinda Luscombe is an editor-at-large of TIME magazine..."

Did Porn Cause My Erectile Dysfunction? TAKE THE TEST!

*New Video* Did Porn Cause My Erectile Dysfunction? TAKE THE TEST!

Do you think you may have porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED)? Check out the latest Reboot Nation video covering the porn-induced ED test, that can help you rule out organic problems, and performance anxiety. NOTE: Reboot Nation encourages everyone to see a doctor.

Teen Talks

Porn: Many Teens Watch It, and Two Reasons That's a Problem

Last month a survey in Canada reported that 40 percent of boys between grades 4 and 11 have looked for porn online, and that many of them admit to doing so frequently. OK, if you are anything like me, and by that I mean a human who grew up with access to the Internet, you know that... Read the full article here

Nothing Adds Up in Dubious Study: Youthful Subjects' ED Left Unexplained

Nothing Adds Up in Dubious Study: Youthful Subjects' ED Left Unexplained

A study claims to have investigated porn-induced erectile dysfunction! This would be exciting news, if, in fact, the researchers actually gathered data that is essential to investigate porn-induced ED (PIED). Let me start off by making something clear, that we will explain in further detail below; this study doesn't, and due to its poor design can’t, tell us anything about whether or not today's high-speed internet porn leads to erectile dysfunction with a partner... Read the full article here




The easy access of pornography is having dire effects on our children. Learn from leading experts and a former pornography addict about these effects and what you can do about them.

Join us at the iconic Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, MB on Monday, November 17, 2014 as we celebrate Canadian Journalists for their exemplary work covering stories related to the sexual exploitation of children. Consisting of a dynamic Educational Symposium followed by an Awards Luncheon, the event will be sure to inform you on today’s most critical topics surrounding the issue... Click here to view more info on the symposium.

Girl Boner Radio

Girl Boner Radio After-Chat with Gabe Deem

A raw, unfiltered radio interview on the negative side of porn use- Listen to the radio chat on iTunes here

"There’s little I love more than chatting with people who’ve not only overcome trying circumstances but transformed them into something hugely positive, even lifesaving, for others. This week’s Girl Boner Radio guest has done precisely that..." Read the full article here

In the News: Young and Impotent – 16x9 Looks at Growing Trend in Men’s Health

Featuring our very own, Gabe Deem:
There’s a growing trend of healthy men from teens to thirties using medications like Viagra and Cialis, drugs intended for older men and men with health-related erectile dysfunction. Young men aren’t talking about it openly. They’re talking about this anonymously online, looking for answers about why their bodies are failing them, with some even suicidal. 16x9 speaks with one young man who used to be one of the guys, and now he's telling his most personal secret to the world, in hopes of helping guys just like him get their bodies working again. This episode of 16x9 aired Saturday, March 29 at 7pm ET/PT on the Global TV Channel in Canada. Watch it now below:

Teen Talks

Is Porn Addiction Symptom or Cause?

Let me make something clear here... Not everyone uses porn because of underlying issues.
We are in a new day and age where you do not just have your "classic" addict who has a history of abuse, or some kind of traumatic experience, or self esteem issues. Now that there is an unlimited supply of supernormal stimuli available and for free, we have a whole new "contemporary" addict who simply has chronically used something pleasurable, that is accepted by society, and has in turn changed their brain. Chronic over-consumption of anything intensely stimulating can cause sensitization, and desensitization.

Read the full article here.

Teen Talks

Internet Porn Addiction: Exposing Misconceptions

"How could I possibly have erectile dysfunction? I was only 23 and physically healthy. I went searching and found long threads of guys saying they thought porn had caused their ED. Unbelievable, but turns out it potentially had for me, too. It took me nine months to recover normal sexual function."

Read the full article here.

Teen Talks

Teens Talk Porn: 15 Year Old Boy Tells It How It Is

Reboot Nation (RN): “Well let me ask you this, how many of the guys at school watch porn on their iphones, or laptops?”

Teen: “Oh man, tons. Not a whole lot on the laptops but just about everyone on their phones.”

RN: “Yea that’s what I figured you would say, I bet you they do it right in the middle of class right?”

Teen: “All…the…time. No joke this one guy sits behind me and just stares at his phone in his lap the whole class lookin up videos. He doesn’t even care who sees him.”

RN: “Wait, even if girls see him?”

Teen: “Yea he could care less if a girl sees him, him and his friends think it’s funny.”

RN: “It’s got to be tough for the class to pay attention if you know that’s going on right beside you.”

Read the full conversation here.

Teen Talks

Road To Recovery: Advice For Your Reboot

"Learn about addiction, and that it's about how our BRAIN changes. -This is so important. Once you learn how your brain has physically changed, and know the basic mechanisms behind addiction, you will feel very enthusiastic and motivated to change. You will be more aware of what is happening to you when you engage in addictive behavior or substances. To begin learning about addiction you can start by reading, the "Start Here" article on - After gaining an understanding of what drove you into addiction, you will know exactly what you need to do to drive out of it.".......

Read the full post here.

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Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Your Brain On Porn

Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn

The Science of Pornography Addiction

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